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Dmitry Duyunov on the need to mobilize investment

β€‹β€‹πŸ“Œ Dmitriy Duyunov on the need to mobilize investment

At the "Sovelmash" construction site, the main scope of work on installing the metal frame of the engineering center building is nearing completion. Soon there will be a new stage: the formation of interfloor overlappings. At the same time, the project is facing a new serious challenge: construction at the new, considerably higher prices.

Dmitriy Duyunov's team have done everything to minimize the impact of rising prices, but now it is no longer possible. Therefore, the construction costs have increased significantly during the summer. Previously, "Sovelmash" spent about 30 million rubles on construction every month. In June, about 50 million rubles was spent, in July β€” 60 million, in August the company is about to spend about 76 million rubles.

The pace of construction can by no means be slowed down now. Before winter comes, it is necessary to close the thermal circuit of the building, to install and connect power supply and utilities.

Given the increased prices, the project needs a more dynamic pace of investment. And it's best if it's secured through crowdfunding. Other ways of attracting funds to the project will cause the dilution of shares and reduce the investor benefits. That is why it is imperative now: for the partners to be as active as possible in their activities,
for the investors - to make their installment payments in a timely manner and increase the number of their shares by purchasing new investment packages.

The success of our project is our responsibility. And only together we are able to overcome any challenges!

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